by Rewind

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released 20 February 2012



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Track Name: Losing Touch
I wish I could just rewind...
(to) find a way to go back in time.
To push away all this shit and keep me from losing my mind.
I can't find new ways to cope with the mistakes I made years ago...
If everything has a meaning, when will this meaning show?


But repetition found its way to break me down inside,
just let the past die.
Track Name: Guilt
You made your choice and I made mine
There's no turning back so get in line
Paper thin excuses, bullshit apologies
Spewing empty words - your words lack sincerity
I tried to pick you up but you fell back down
No more reason to believe, you won't make a sound
You made your choice and I made mine
Now I'm turning my head - no more second tries

You're so fucking blind to what's in front of you
If you only care, if you only fucking knew...

I hope you drown in your guilt.